Mandi a step in Gods home : The House of Prayer welcomes you

Mandi/Manadav Nagar is the devotional capital of Himachal. The sacred district is fenced with temples everywhere. The locals call it “Mini Kaashi”. Ringed with temples the suburbs of Mandi have Kamru Nag Temple, Bir Monastery and many others which makes up a total of 81 beautiful temples.

When you start your trip by taking blessings from deities the Kamru Nag temple has a fascinating story to tell about itself. Saintly beautiful temple has a circumferential frozen lake which enthralls the trekkers. The deity is the “Rain God” here, people from the nearby towns offer prayers in month of June making the God happy whose love showers on his disciples with the rain, thus knocking the rainy season in District.

Sanctified valleys hallowed with divinity makes Mandi unique !!!!!

Let take a step forward and enter a zone of peaceful minds.  Bir Monastry is a symbol of harmonious monument which stands out in its motive of granting strife.

You will love the silence !! the smell of Tibet culture !! the weather !!   Here we are so away from all the daily life rush, our job, our targets, daily nags, work pressure and what not !!!!!! The quietness just attracts you and drives you to a whole new level of divinity …….

Definitely a Scholars Stop

IIT Mandi stands out proudly, educating scholars year by year right in the lap of snow flurry state. It is a part of the educational government chain for intellectuals is a real pride for Mandi.

Wayfaring in the white land

Some places I must recommend you in this magical land of Mandi are Prashar Lake, Rewalsar Lake, Barot Valley. These lakes are lovely daughters from mother river Beas. Travelling to from Mandi you have to hop 50 km with the troop to discover the handsomeness of Prashar lake which is said to be found by the Pandavas.. Touring in Himachal will sweep you off your feet when you feel the charm of Prashar Lake with your group.

Concealed in snow from tip to toe are snow peaks near the Rewalsar lake making it one of a kind experience. This place has received blessings from almighty simply thrice as it has  holy smell of  temples of  Lord Shiv, Krishna and Gautam Buddh. March and October call out for the maximum tourists in this place every year.

Barot : The Lowland lust is magnetizing

Barot valley has dense deodar forest line defining it as a merry making picking spot for all the fun. The happening phase of life gears up when you plan a pick-nick , go fishing with friends or rule out the world with an adventurous trek in the valleys of Barot . So start your sail explore the wild in Barot where you experience  proximity with mother nature. The chilling winds with make you numb but the spirit of adventure will keep you so alive . One trip to mandi and you will feel so intimate with the environment . The colors , the woods, chills winds, the smoky clouds , the hauntingly beautiful peace , the fun fishing  will bring back the buried freshness in your life. All this and a lot more calls out for a fun vacation to Mandi.

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