Dharamshala : The vessel of religion

This place has history, culture, cool weather, cuisines and is immensely charming if you are willing to plan a vacation.Dal lake of Dharamshala is an eminent pot of the place guarded by thick forest line. The lake is a joyful picnic spot and is also applauded for the spotlight of this place which is the Kali temple preeminent for the fair that gathers the crowd annually. Namgyal Monastry is a distinguished centre for learning in the place. It has an honored name as it was acclaimed by 3rd Dalai Lama.

The land of Lamas

Dharamshala lies in the beautiful district of Kangra an essential part of Himachal beauty. Just walk by the road and you can see a hallowed image wherever you see. The godly sights can been seen in every view. It just feels like you are taking a walk to heaven.

Yes Heaven is the word when the clouds float around you and the breeze plays with your hair, you can see the cute Tibetian toddlers smiling at you with rosy cheeks. This is their home and they sacredly love their visitors. The local people will always treat you with complete honesty. What else can you ask for ???? A blissful weather with beautiful people and peace tickling your ears.  The nights are cold but cozy when you know that you are in the nature’s lap where the holy atmosphere is your perfect blanket.

Escapes that keep you thrilled and lively !!

The town has always showered love to the visitors. Most of the Tibetans have received so much hospitality by this place. Dharamshala has an intense environment of positivity. The Buddha culture predominates in every street making the place divine and peaceful. The mountainous region has many recognized spots like Mc Leod Ganj : the kings castle for Lieutenant and magnificent masrur for its rock temples. The daintily beautiful waterfalls of Bhagsunag further add to the allure for Dharamshala. The refreshing waterfalls seems like a shower from the heaven.

Craftsmanship culture prevails

The Kangra art museum and kotwali bazaar are famous throughout the town. If you want to see the art and culture weaved in one bucket just visit this place once. Kangra museum and Kangra fort have been preserving history since ages.

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